Jim resolved to travel more in 2015


I first met Megan several years ago, as a member at Washington Sports Club. We started working together last year, in January at Fitness Generation. The next month, I had to undergo massive back surgery. I now have steel rods in my back. Recovery was arduous but I put in a lot of time and diligent effort with Megan. I just had my one year anniversary from surgery, last month. My back is feeling significantly better and my muscles surrounding my back, especially my legs are stronger than ever.

The next challenge ahead of me is to hike the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in Colorado this summer. I am training to be able to carry a 30 pound backpack during the hike. I can’t wait!


When we last checked in with Jim, he was training to hike the Sangre de Cristo mountain range in Colorado after working through major back surgery. We are happy to report that Jim had an amazing time on his hike and was successfully able to reach an elevation of over 14,000 feet all while carrying a 40 pound backpack! Congratulations Jim! We’ll keep you all posted about what he has planned next!

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