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Marietta Amatangelo, MS, RDN, LDN


We can help you:


  • Achieve a healthier weight and stop crazy cravings
  • Experience increased and lasting energy and vitality
  • Improve eating habits, and learn to Incorporate healthier foods
  • Attain clearer thinking and eliminate “foggy brain” thinking
  • Increase confidence in choices of foods and nutritional supplements
  • Manage a health condition in a sane way
  • Eliminate food Issues that are affecting your body
  • Eliminate “bloat” and gas
  • Gain sustained satisfaction in your body and your life

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Services Offered:


  • Nutrition/Health Coaching
  • Nutrition Supplement Evaluations
  • Healthy Eating Practice
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy: condition management, or prevention
  • Comprehensive Integrative Nutrition Sessions
  • Nutrigenetics: Gene testing & InterpretationNutritional Cleanse/Detox
  • Cancer Survivorship/Wellness
  • Nutritional Supplement Evaluations
  • Functional Lab Testing
  • Pre – Post pregnancy issues
  • Find out what your genes say about you!

About Marietta

Marietta is a highly skilled, and experienced, leading nutritionist in the DC metro area. Graduating with a Masters from Purdue University, she has taught at the University Level, published in Men’s Health, the Washingtonian, the Washington Post, appeared on TV and radio, given workshops, retreats, and presented on many health subjects to groups. Her own cancer experience has beautifully transformed how she works with individuals.

Since graduating with a Masters from Purdue University, she has had the opportunity to counsel and coach individuals and groups in nutrition and wellness, teach university level courses, present nutrition and health topics to corporations and groups,  work with specific health conditions and with athletes to achieve their utmost.  Marietta has held teaching positions, at Purdue University (Indiana), George Washington University (DC) and Montgomery College, Maryland. She is honored to  have worked with world class athletic champions.  her professional years as a Nutritionist/Registered Dietitian span over 20 + years. Marietta has also had the pleasure, and privilege of working with trusting individuals, with an energy medicine called Reiki, since 2003. In 2004 she began teaching Reiki as a Reiki Master.

Marietta has gone on to do post graduate studies in the field, along with many workshops, seminars, and in Wellness coaching.  Today, when she works with someone, she puts it all together. You can visit Marietta’s website by visiting

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Chef Patrick Vanas


Services Offered:

  • Culinary Instruction
  • Meal Preparation
  • Menu Planning
  • Private Chef

About Chef Patrick

Chef Patrick grew up on a dairy farm in Michigan and has firsthand knowledge of the farm-to-table approach to cuisine. He started his professional training early by US standards by enrolling in culinary classes.  After attending college at Johnson and Wales University and graduating at the top of his class with a degree in Culinary Science and Nutrition, Chef Patrick went on to garner over 25 years of experience at many levels of food service, from server to kitchen manager to executive chef.  He continues to learn from other chef, cooks, trial and error, and his travels about all types of cuisines.

Click here for some of our favorite recipes from Chef Patrick’s fabulous cooking demonstrations!

Learn more about Chef Patrick on his website.