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TRX Suspension Training provides an efficient full body exercise.  The exercises are scalable for people at all levels of training. The TRX motto is “All Core, All the Time”. Through a series of mostly body weight exercises, your core will be active throughout the program as you build strength and balance.

History: In the late 1990s, Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick was continually being deployed all over Europe and Asia to submarines, ships, and other posts that had neither the space nor the equipment necessary for the full-body workouts he needed to stay in shape. So, using the sewing skills all Navy SEALs had to learn to maintain their gear and embroider inspirational samplers, Hetrick tacked an old jujitsu belt onto some surplus parachute webbing and secured his invention over a door with a carabineer clip. By holding the ends of the fabric and leaning forward, or slipping his feet through the ends and holding his body in a pushup position, he found he could do a full range of rows, pull-ups, presses, curls, and other strength-training exercises in any setting. The invention caught on not only throughout the Navy but also with NFL quarterbacks, actors, and personal trainers. 

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Our class is a high intensity workout providing a full body workout.  The TRX Suspension trainers will the predominant piece of equipment, but other equipment will be introduced to provide additional challenges.

Small Group Training, limits the number of people in each class, to provide a better trainer to client ratio.  The class is limited to 6 participants per class.

If you are new to TRX, we ask that you arrive 15 mins prior to class, for a brief introduction to set-up and basic operation.


Tuesdays 12:00 noon

Tuesdays 6:30 pm

Thursdays 5:15 pm

Thursdays 6:30 pm

Fridays 6:30 am


Class: $35.00

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