Client Success Stories

Client Success Stories

In order to inspire your imagination, take a look at our client success stories.
Keep in mind, they started out just like you.


I started working with David at Fitness Generation in September. I am very physically active. I enjoy walking everywhere, especially with dogs. I own a dog walking business called My Two Loves; dog walking services. As a result of all of the walking, I am amazing at Pokemon Go! My main fitness goal is that I want to strengthen and define my abdominal muscles. David has suggested that we work on the muscles that surround my hips as well. I really like that David is friendly but he pushes me to work hard. I also like that David has a physical therapy background. He is very knowledgeable and is able to work with my brain injury.



Health and fitness is a major part of my lifestyle. I’ve been exercising regularly throughout my life, but I wanted to take my workouts to the next level. I knew that I needed someone to push me and help me work towards my fitness goals in a more systematic fashion, so I started training with Megan several years ago.

Megan and I have worked on building overall strength and increasing flexibility, as well as balancing out my musculature after previous injuries. Currently, I can squat 145 pounds and dead-lift 165 pounds! My next goal is to have abs like Abby Wambach.



I started training with Megan several years ago, because I wanted to improve my balance and build strength. We worked together as I developed arthritis in my knee and prepared for an eventual knee replacement.

My wife and I have always greatly enjoyed long distance walking.
A couple years ago, we completed a Volksmarch in Holland, where we walked 120 kilometers over 4 days. When the condition of my knee started to deteriorate, it changed my feelings about walking. Instead of enjoying long walks with my wife or my Husky Diesel, I viewed walking as a painful but necessary act.

I had my knee replaced in July of last year. Megan and I have worked on range of motion and stability exercises to get me ready for my next adventure. This fall, my wife and I are training to hike El Camino de Santiago in Spain.



I started training with Ken about a year and a half ago. I’ve known him for more than twenty years and he was my first Lieutenant at the Bethesda Chevy Chase Rescue Squad. I began training with him not only because I like him as a person, but I also like his training style. I also wanted something new/different. After four knee surgeries and multiple years with another trainer, I didn’t feel like I was progressing.

Prior to working with Ken, my biggest goal was to begin playing ice hockey again. I began playing at around age 4 in Canada and had played at a high-level (NCAA Division I), but I’d injured my knee fairly badly about four years ago during a tournament. So, for four years, i was unable to skate, much less play hockey. A combination of a successful surgery and working with Ken allowed me to get back on the ice this winter – and with each game, I’ve gotten in better and better skating shape. I also just wanted to be able to do simple things, like walk up and down stairs normally, that I hadn’t been able to do since the injury. Now I can not only walk up stairs normally, but I can go on 4-5 mile walks/hikes with no pain.

Now I just want to improve my cardiovascular endurance and get in better shape, while continuing to play hockey. I’m also in the midst of training for an Endurance Trial, in which a dog runs 12 miles with its owner within a set time. I’ve begun training for it with biking (which I’ve never really enjoyed in the past), and I’ve seen a marked improvement in my endurance/strength while working with Ken.


I started training with Megan because I had been running and wanted to gain strength and speed. I joined her TRX and Kettlebells class and quickly noticed a difference. We eventually started training one on one, as well. Before we began working together I had completed several 10k races and a half-marathon. Since Megan and I have trained together, I have completed seven half marathons, two full marathons, and I even competed in multiple Olympic and Sprint triathlons. I’ve gotten stronger and faster. Most importantly, Megan has also shown me corrective exercises that alleviate hip and knee pain caused by Iliotibial Band Syndrome. This summer I am training for the Montgomery County Parks Half Marathon and several sprint triathlons.



I started training at Fitness Generation because one of my friends purchased a Groupon for small group training. I wanted to lose weight and to gain strength. I like challenging myself and it’s a lot of fun to work out in a group. Ken has been wonderful, he’s tough but kind. He is always coming up with new ways to challenge us. A year and a half later, I’ve lost over thirty pounds and I’ve kept the weight off! The feedback that I have received from my friends and family has been awesome. This has been a very positive lifestyle change for me.



I first met Megan several years ago, as a member at Washington Sports Club. We started working together last year, in January at Fitness Generation. The next month, I had to undergo massive back surgery. I now have steel rods in my back. Recovery was arduous but I put in a lot of time and diligent effort with Megan. I just had my one year anniversary from surgery, last month. My back is feeling significantly better and my muscles surrounding my back, especially my legs are stronger than ever.

The next challenge ahead of me is to hike the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in Colorado this summer. I am training to be able to carry a 30 pound backpack during the hike. I can’t wait!


When we last checked in with Jim, he was training to hike the Sangre de Cristo mountain range in Colorado after working through major back surgery. We are happy to report that Jim had an amazing time on his hike and was successfully able to reach an elevation of over 14,000 feet all while carrying a 40 pound backpack! Congratulations Jim! We’ll keep you all posted about what he has planned next!


Imagine what it will feel like in when you can confidently wear a new clothing size like Lorraine, or finish a marathon in record time like Chad, or hike a summit like Jim.

Get started today!