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Movement for a Better Life
Functional Fitness at Any Age

Movement for a Better Life, is 76 pages of useful information to help you live an active lifestyle. Whether you want to play with you grandkids, travel the world, participate in sports, we will show you a clear path to achieve your goals. Inside we are not going to present you with a message reiterating how “exercise is good for you.” We presume you already believe that to be true and you’re here to dig deeper into what fitness and exercise could offer you at this stage in life. We ARE going to do our best to help you overcome your fears and unfamiliarity with exercise, and more specifically introduce “functional fitness,” so you’re excited and comfortable about inviting us to partner with you as your fitness coach.

In our book you will:

  • Learn about Functional Fitness for Mature Adults
  • Find out about our training philosophy
  • Get to know functional fitness equipment and exercises
  • What to expect in a training session
  • Read our client success stories
At the end of the book there is a great offer to help get you started.


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