Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is personal training/small group training for?

Our clients are busy working professionals with kids or grand-kids. Previously they grew frustrated because they were not getting the results they wanted and deserved, while trying to tackle their health and fitness issues on their own. Together, we’ve helped them achieve their goals and would love to get you started.

Personal training is for clients who need or prefer individual attention. Our fitness professionals will work with you to create a personalized workout regimen. Coaches hold their clients accountable and offer support outside of the sessions. This can include program design while a client is on vacation, chatting with a client’s doctor in order to ensure the best possible outcomes, and email and phone support in between sessions.

Small group training is for clients who enjoy a team atmosphere. Teammates and coaches work to push and support everyone in the group. Work outs are created specifically for each group and exercises are progressed or regressed depending upon the comfort levels of the group members. Small group training participants enjoy the camaraderie and often end up socializing outside of the sessions. Small group training clients also have access to phone and email support from their coaches in between sessions.

What does (personal training/small group training) include?

Both personal and small group training sessions include individualized coaching from our certified personal trainers, as well as email and phone support in between sessions. Training clients can receive additional access to ancillary health and fitness professionals including our nutritionist, behavioral therapist and massage therapist.

My doctor just prescribed exercise for my health condition, can you help me?

You’re in the right place! Our trainers frequently communicate with their clients’ doctors, physical therapists, and other health professionals. At Fitness Generation. we’ve helped many clients increase their bone density and reverse osteopenia. We’ve helped clients lower and stabilize their blood sugar. We’ve also helped clients achieve seemingly impossible goals after major surgery. Take a look at Jim’s story on our Client Success Stories Page to learn more. It’s incredibly rewarding for us to work to improve your quality of life!

What if I haven’t exercised in years, or ever at all?

Let’s get started. Don’t worry, we will work together to first stabilize and then challenge your body. We believe in building a strong muscular foundation. Our fitness professionals will spend time assessing your stability and strength. We will look at your flexibility, range of motion and balance. From there, we will choose an exercise program that is appropriate for your ability level. Our staff will constantly communicate with you to determine what is challenging but doable.

I am an elite athlete, can you challenge me?

Absolutely. Our clients run (and win!) marathons, triathlons, hike mountain ranges and are constantly working towards personal bests. We also coach young athletes, helping them to avoid injury, work as a team, and perform to their highest capabilities.

What does a session look like?

Before each session you will complete a dynamic warm-up and foam roll as needed. Your trainer will give you a personalized warm-up to address any corrective exercises you may need to complete before the session begins. Each session will vary from client to client as goals differ, however all sessions will address the following appropriate elements: strength training, mobility, flexibility, cardio-respiratory challenges, endurance, and posture.

What should I bring?

Wear comfortable, breathable clothing. Active-wear works best, most clients wear shorts and a t-shirt. Feel free to bring a water bottle, we have filtered water. We also have complimentary towel service.

Where are you located/when are you open?

We are located at 7809 Woodmont Avenue in Bethesda Maryland. If you are driving, there is a public garage on Woodmont Avenue and Old Georgetown Road. It costs 80 cents per hour to park in the garage. If you are taking the metro, use the Bethesda stop, we are a quick 6 minute walk down Woodmont Avenue.

Personal training and small group training sessions are by appointment only. Open gym hours are week days from 8 am until 7 pm and weekends from 9 am until 1 pm. For more information about Open Gym click here.

I travel a lot, what happens if I miss a session?

Our coaches require 24 hours notice if you are going to miss a session. However we do realize that life happens. Contact your coach as soon as possible to reschedule. We’ll work with you.


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