Personal Training

Personal Training


One to one personal training with our knowledgeable Certified Personal Trainers, will motivate you and help you reach your fitness goals.  Why work with a Personal Trainer at our studio?

  • During each one hour session, your trainer will design a program customized to your fitness goals and needs. Each session will be comprised of mobility work as a warm-up, and will incorporate cardio and strength elements throughout the duration.

“These are trainers who listen to you and individualize your program to what you want and need in terms of fitness. The facility is brand new, the training is designed for you, and the trainers are fantastic.”-  Anita D.

  • At Fitness Generation we will provide accountability to keep you on task. We have an app with activity tracker. Your trainer will view your weekly activity and check in with you via phone or email, giving feedback to keep you motivated.

“I love the Fitness Generation App.  My trainer can view my workouts and give me positive feedback. It helps me stay on track.”- Judy T. 

  • Your trainer will work around any health concerns that you may have. Our staff communicates frequently with local doctors, physical therapists, nutritionists, and sleep therapists in order to help you become the healthiest version of yourself.

“Megan has been working with me since my super-major back surgery 13 months ago and I am more fit today than I was before I went into the hospital. She has communicated with my doctors and physical therapist so that we are all on the same page. I’m nearly 70 and feel like 50.”- James F. 

If you have any additional questions, like what to bring or where to park, click here.

Partner Training

Train with your significant other, friend or make a new friend. This is a great way to get personal training at an affordable price. Partner training works best when both people are close in fitness levels and goals. Our clients who train with a partner enjoy the social aspect of exercise and feel motivated to compete with their partner, and as a result both clients get stronger and healthier.

Many of our clients come to us with one or more of the following health obstacles. Does this sound familiar?

  • Do you struggle with making time for exercise? We can teach you how to make your health a top priority.


  • Do you suffer from a lack of willpower with regard to nutrition and sticking with a workout schedule? We can show you how to set up systems of success to take willpower out of the equation.


  • Do you have painful mobility problems or range of motion issues? We can help correct poor posture, resolve overuse injuries, prevent inactivity, or address other medical contraindications. We’re willing and able to work with your doctors and physical therapists.


  • Do you experience a lack of balance between family demands, work or school responsibilities? We can help you realize a work life balance.


  • Do you have an absence of body awareness? We can teach you the concepts of space, coordination, and proprioception.

    At Fitness Generation, we can help with personal training and partner training!

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If you enjoy a team atmosphere, we also offer small group training. To learn more click here.