The time I spent with Ken was well worth it!!! After just six weeks working out with Ken I went down one pant size and two dress sizes! I have never felt stronger or healthier than when working out with Ken. Aside from his professionalism and extensive knowledge of fitness and health, Ken is extremely personable and easygoing;he is a pleasure to have as a trainer.

Channing W.

Ken showed me whole new ways of exercising, always focusing on using excellent form – this really helped me build power and strength. I especially liked the way he was able to push me to work harder. His good sense of humor and engaging personality made the workouts very enjoyable, too.

James V.

Ken helped me refine my workout and use new forms of exercise, which kept the sessions engaging and really effective. He focused on building balance and strength all over, without over-training any one area. His thorough instructions also meant that I could incorporate the exercises I learned into my own workouts. He listens to his clients and his approach is positive and very encouraging.

Shannon S.

I can’t say enough great things about Fitness Generation.  I had been working out with Megan for about 2.5 years at her previous gym, then followed her to Fitness Generation.  She has me lifting weights I never thought possible, as well as doing things I never thought I could do, including running a half marathon.  She is motivating, energetic, funny, and extremely knowledgeable.  The gym is in the Woodmont Triangle area, and I could easily walk there.  I can’t rave enough about Fitness Generation and my experience there!

Marybeth T.

I can’t say enough about Fitness Generation and Megan!  This facility is amazing, it is clean, convenient to the metro and there is sufficient parking!  Megan is an incredible trainer.  I am a runner/marathoner and she has seen me through the last couple of years dealing with injury after injury.  I can’t say enough nice things about Megan, she is patient, she listens to what you say is going on with you and your body, and is amazing and creative trainer.  Love, love Fitness Generation!

Leslie S.

These are trainers who listen to you and individualize your program to what you want and need in terms of fitness. Fitness Generation’s facility is brand new (and pick your playlist!), the training is designed for you, and the trainers are fantastic.  My husband and I have followed Megan over here from WSC South Bethesda and couldn’t be happier!

Anita D.

After reaching a birthday milestone,  it was time to upgrade both attitude and resources for working out.  Previous gym memberships were too expensive with too few resources.   And did not have time to research the scores of gyms in Bethesda. Then I heard from a friend about Fitness Generation. Megan and Ken each took  time to learn about my goals, my health issues ( a few…) and explained a different approach:  start carefully and slowly and track my progress. With their help I could  increase skill set accordingly and  confidence.  For Fitness Generation:  excellent staff who take the time to produce a program that continues to work for me.  It’s a different approach to a gym and exercise — one on one guidance that works.

Peggy K.

Just finished another outstanding hour’s worth of training with Megan. She’s been working with me since my super-major back surgery 13 months ago and I am more fit today than I was before I went into the hospital. I’m nearly 70 and I feel like 50. Core, balance, flexibility, strength, stamina and power have been the goals we pursue every session. The variety of exercises Megan takes me through ensures that I stay interested. She’s helped me put together  exercise routines that I use at home in between training sessions to ensure that I continue rising toward my goals. She’s helped me regain the confidence I’ll use this summer in hiking the Rockies. Go Fitness Generation!

James F.

About a year ago, I was getting to the gym fairly regularly, but I wasn’t feeling (or looking) any better.  A friend raved about her workouts with Megan at Fitness Generation, so I gave it a try.  On the very first day, Megan got me doing things that I wouldn’t have thought possible.  A year later, she’s still pushing me beyond what I think I can do – and she hasn’t been wrong yet!  She totally gets what I need at my age and fitness level.  She’s also given me good guidance about what I can do in between sessions (squats, foam roller, etc).  I moan and groan a lot when I’m there – but honestly, I can’t wait to see what new challenge Megan has in store for me!

Toni H.

A friend of mine took me to check out this facility.  Since the first time I went, I knew Ken was the guy I needed to help me with my personal fitness.  I have been going to Fitness Generation since July 2014 and Ken has been my personal trainer.  Since then I have lost 30 lbs.  Ken is very personable and pushes me to the max.  He is always on time, cheerful, and ready to make me work.  The best part is that he listens to me and what I would like to accomplish.  He gives good advice and I look forward to training with him each week.  He runs a very well organized and clean facility.  I would highly recommend him for your personal trainer.  Ken is the best!

Lorraine M.

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